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PVC Carpentry

PVC Carpentry

pvc stolarija slika

PVC Carpentry Doors and windows easy for maintenance, they lowers the costs for heating during winter and for cooling during summer. They does not rust, deform and do not need painting. Profiles made upon customer's desires.

Alu Carpentry

alu stolarija slika

Possibility to choose the thickness of glasses by choice, also the installation of glasses in colors with reflecting layer. Low-emission glasses of great thermal and sound characteristics. Severals models of systems for opening.


pvc stolarija usluge slika

Installation or replacement of PVC and aluminum windows and doors. Regular maintenance. Many long-term clients in Serbia and accross the region are the best reference of our work.

baner pvc stolarija


pvc stolarija roletne slika

Persiennes from quality material easy for maintenance, resistant to light and weather.


pvc stolarija okovi slika

We have in our offer the bonds for windows and doors from the world famous manufacturor Winkhaus.


pvc stolarija stakla slika

Extraordinary thermal isolation which lowers the cost for heating during winter and for cooling during summer.